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What to do with that last little sliver of soap

What to do with that last little bit of soap? You know, that thin little sliver that is left after you have been using the bar for a while. It begins to have a softer constancy and you use it up quicker. So how can you prolong the life of this little piece of soap?

There is an easy solution to this… Add it to the next bar of soap. It’s as simple as that! It keeps that sliver from washing away quickly, so you get more bang for your buck! There are a few ways of doing this…

1. Get both bars of soap wet. Press them together. Make sure that you rub and press the edges of soap sliver against the new bar of soap so the whole sliver is firmly against the new bar and it makes a seal. Allow the soap to dry entirely before you use it again. The soap will have melded into one new bar. If you use it again before it has had a chance to dry completely the bars may come apart again. This is how I do it and it works quite well!

2. A friend of mine, who works with clay, suggests combining the two bars like you would combine two clay pieces: With a knife score one the side of each bar. Wet both bars, then press the scored sides together. She swears that it holds the bars tightly together quicker and that you don’t have to allow it to dry for the bars to successfully stick. This friend of mine also likes to combine the Deep Sea and Tea Tree bars to make what she calls “The perfect bar of soap.”

3. Finally I have had customers tell me that they collect all of their slivers and once they have a good collection (I can imagine this would take a while considering the longevity of our soap) they get all the slivers wet, then press them all together to make this organic shaped soap hunk. Like with the first method allow the “hunk” to dry completely so that it will hold together tightly for future uses.

I hope you found this helpful to make your soap last longer!

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