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We are Proud of our Recipe

Before we opened The Freckled Farm Soap Company we knew that we needed to hit the market with a very special bar of soap. We wanted to try to stand out and make a special and unique product. We wanted to give people a reason to return over and over again!

Kevin and I both love to research. We weren’t going to use a stock recipe out of a book or from a website, we wouldn’t stand out that way, and if we were going to include an ingredient we needed to know exactly why it was used and what it added to the soap. We had a base recipe that we had been practicing with for a while, but it was not special enough to be the recipe that represented our company. Soap making is chemistry. Each oil plays a role in the soap, making it have certain characteristic like lather quality, moisturizing properties, or even the feel of the bar itself. The base recipe had properties that we liked, but we knew we could do better. We researched to figure out what oils we needed to add and at what quantities to add the desired properties to our soap. So we made little batches making small changes each time until the recipe was perfect!

In the end we landed on a really special recipe that was a million miles from the base recipe that we started with. We are incredibly proud of our final recipe and feel like it posses all of properties you could want in a soap. We hope that now that you know all of the thought and research that went into our final product that you enjoy our soap even more!


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