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Map Project Update 2022

Map Project from The Freckled Farm Soap Company

Back at the beginning of 2021 we started a map project. We placed a pin on a map in the soap facility office each time we shipped an order to a new county or city within the Unites States for the first time. We started by downloading all of the locations we had shipped to since 2013 and got pinning! When I was done I found that we only had seven states where our products had not yet been shipped; Hawaii, Kentucky, Maine, Nebraska, North Dakota, Utah and Wyoming. Throughout the year we added pins as new locations came in. The real celebrations came when we got the opportunity to mark off a new state. By the end of the year we only had three states remaining; Nebraska, North Dakota, and Wyoming!

With only three states left it seems feasible that we should be able to reach our Map Project goal of shipping at least one order to every state within the US this year. So if you are in, or need to send a gift to, one of these three states (Nebraska, North Dakota, or Wyoming) go place an order and help us knock one more state off our list!

Nearly all of Virginia is full and Maryland is under those pins somewhere