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Secret Goat Milk Soap Line

Secret Spring Goat Milk Soap from The Freckled Farm Soap Company

Have you heard about our newest (secret) goat milk soap line? These fabulous new soaps are not available for purchase through our website. In fact, they are not available for purchase anywhere. The only way you can get your hands on them is by being one of our subscription customers. We have thoroughly enjoyed coming up with these special new scents and can’t wait to share them with some of our most loyal customers.

Our Secret Winter Goat Milk Soap was a huge hit this past winter and we think Secret Spring may even step it up another notch! This awesome bar of soap is scented with jasmine, lemon, and basil essential oils. It smells simply divine, a wonderful representation of the season! Each season we will debut a new Secret Goat Milk Soap alongside the seasonal soap that is available to the public.

Our Secret Soaps are not the only reason to become a subscription customer. These customers are always the first to try a new soap or product. Occasionally we will throw in other products that are not available to the public… maybe we are trying something new, maybe we just feel like spoiling these special customers. They are also guaranteed to get their hands on at least one bar (more if you are a Seasonal Subscription customer) of our Winter Soap, which is enormously popular and sold out in only 36 hours in 2020.

Head to our website and sign yourself up for one of our subscriptions so you can try our new Secret Spring Goat Milk Soap today!